Wait For Me (digital copy)


Wait For Me (digital copy)

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Wait For Me is packed with fun and features all 10 of the Voetberg kids. This album was dedicated to their great grandmother Lilja Helena Voetberg and houses fan favorites "Pretty Fair Maid" and "Voyage" a beautiful (and accurate) picture of the Voetberg family.

Song list:

  1. Wait for Me/Bear Creek Reel
  2. Pretty Fair Maid
  3. Maggie's Pancakes
  4. Have and Hold
  5. Keep on Lovin' You 
  6. Nothing But the Blood 
  7. The Grinning Tale
  8. Voyage
  9. I'm Workin' on a Building
  10. Jesus Laughing
  11. Kung Fu Homeschooler
  12. Old Fashioned Love